March 13, 2008

1) 50 Best Youtube Tools on the Internet (if you ignore every other link on this list, check this one out).  I found this via The Librarian in Black 

1a) Here’s a link to the Librarian in Black’s blog, toss it on your RSS feed.

2) This isn’t a post about politics, it’s about how creativity spreads.

3) Tame the Web shows us how a library is using Youtube for marketing.

4) Tame the Web does it again with Emerging Technologies in Education

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2 Responses to “”

  1. techlearner Says:

    Thanks so much for the links! I like the idea of YouTube as a library marketing tool, and the “50 Best…” will definitely be helpful. I also marked the Librarian in Black blog site– I have to start using RSS soon!

  2. Confused Student Says:

    The links were great and I added the Librarian in Black to my RSS feeds. I don’t know how often I will be able to read but at least I know that it is there.

    A few weeks ago, you told us to go look for the most outrageous video we could on YouTube. I have to say I wasn’t very successful until my Boing Boing feed sent a link to a zit popping video. Gross as it was, the links in the comments below were far worse and I can’t imagine what someone was thinking when they were taping them.

    YouTube is around for the long haul and I guess I need to get over my reluctance to use it and find the side that can be useful in my career choice.


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